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A woman who cat-sat her way around the world says the ticket to a free holiday during

por Tanja Whitney (2020-10-21)

A woman who cat-sat her way around the world says the ticket to a free holiday during coronavirus restrictions is to house-sit within your state. 

Madolline Gourley, 30, from Brisbane, has holidayed in 12 different states around the US for free over the last three years by offering cat-sitting services.

The writer gets free accommodation, food and transport in exchange for looking after a house and pet while the owner is away.

Madolline Gourley, 29, from Brisbane, pictured with Jaspurr who she minded for a couple in West End, Brisbane, last Christmas.

loading-dudes-transparent.gifMs Gourley sat for them again just a few weeks ago

With coronavirus restrictions opening up, Madolline scored a free house sit in Darwin for Christmas.

One thing she will definitely do is the Adelaide River jumping crocodile cruises

Travelling your own state is no drama even if state borders close again - but Ms Gourley is going from Brisbane to Darwin so she can see the beautiful waterfalls such as this one in Kakadu (pictured) which will be raging giant torrents in the wet season

Madolline pictured in November 2019 when she cat-sat in Launceston, Tasmania, for 10 days with two cats.

She took a day trip to Cradle Mountain National Park (pictured) and loved it 

With coronavirus restrictions ending overseas travel and restricting inter-state travel, you may think that there are no homes to house-sit in Australia and opportunities have dried up.

Not so, says Ms Gourley, who just landed a house-sit in Darwin over Christmas.

Tropical Darwin is in its wet season in December, a time of cracking thunderstorms, possible cyclones and steamy hot weather. If you liked this posting and you would like to acquire much more data relating to Whether it’s a daily walk to break up your dog’s long day while you’re at work that you’re looking for kindly take a look at the web-page.  

Madolline won't be swimming at Christmas.

Every Northern Territory river is infested with saltwater crocodiles, such as this monster snapped in the act of catching a barramundi at Cahill's Crossing in Kakadu National Park. Great for nature shots though

It's the low season for tourists, which makes it a paradise for off-season adventure travel - if you can stand the heat. 

The jumping crocodile cruises are on and normally-sedate waterfalls in Kakadu swell to a violent size, hurling boulders and tree trunks over the escarpment. 

'The house-sitting market right now is definitely quieter than usual, but I have seen plenty of ads placed on Aussie House Sitters in the last few weeks,' she told Daily Mail Australia.


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'This is where I landed the Darwin sit for Christmas.'

Ms Gourley had to check that the NT had lifted its coronavirus requirement for 14 days of self-funded hotel quarantine before she responded to the ad.

She is now keeping her eye on the border updates in case there are any changes.

'Let's hope COVID transmission rates stays low in Brisbane and the NT doesn't re-enact the "No people from Brisbane allowed" rule,' she said. 

The way to guarantee no dramas, however, is to holiday within your own state. 

The gradual lifting of coronavirus restrictions means people are now exploring the hidden gems in their own state that they may never before have considered visiting - and are putting up ads for house-sitters.  

Ms Gourley said she had definitely seen an increase in house sitting listings in the past few weeks.  

'A few months ago, there were maybe 20 ads across all of Australia,' she said.