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por Art Slim (2019-01-21)

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There are about 214,000 people working in the gambling business in the UK, which is two times more than the capacity of Wembley Stadium. And the annual turnover of the gambling industry exceeded 10 billion euros.

Currently, there are 140 casinos and two licensed poker clubs in Britain. 25 gambling establishments are located in London, 95 - in the rest of England. In Scotland - 15 casinos, and in Wales - only five.

The biggest casino in the UK - Aspers Casino - turned out to be the newest casino in the Kingdom: it opened on December 1, 2011. The complex is located in London's Westfield district near the Olympic Stadium, which in itself indicates the event for which the opening of this gambling house is timed.

On an area of ​​more than 6,000 square meters. meters of visitors waiting for 40 tables with a roulette, 150 slot machines and 92 electronic terminals, as well as a poker room with 150 seats. The casino restaurant seats 80 guests, which will also include the luxurious Sky Bar and the sports 24-hour Sports Bar.

With the opening of Aspers Casino, another gambling house - Casino at The Empire at Leicester Square - has lost its status as the largest in Britain, which it has been holding since 2007.

Such "super casino" became possible in Britain relatively recently - since 2005, when the authorities changed the "Game Act", according to which the maximum number of cars in the establishment could be no more than 20. And the huge gaming establishments have already won many opponents, who believe that the appearance of such casinos in relatively poor neighborhoods will have a bad impact on the youth living there.

The most luxurious casino in Britain is considered an institution located in the London Ritz - Ritz Club Casino. Opened in 1978 on the no less famous Piccadilly Street, this casino is still considered the most closed and elite in Europe, with almost no access to the street. For free entry, you must first become a member of the club, that is, to lay out 1,000 pounds (1,200 euros). But there is a simpler option - to stay at the Ritz Hotel, whose guests can easily visit the casino (most importantly, do not forget to put on a tuxedo).

Other most prestigious and famous casinos of the British capital include: Connoisseur Club, Park Tower Casino and Grosvenor Victoria Casino.

At present, the entrance to most of these British institutions is much simpler - and thanks for that, it’s worth saying the financial crisis. Many gambling establishments simply opened the door for everyone, others - eased the rules for joining the club: it is enough to pay an annual fee (from several tens to several thousand pounds) - and you are a member of the club.